Oi oi there to you people that actually decide to read this page! Hmm, why not? Let’s include everyone! The entire concept of The Shushu Review was thought up after eating a chips to real food ratio that certainly isn’t healthy by the standards of anyone I’ve ever spoken to. Whadayaknow, here the site is with the full intention of rating things that may or may not make sense. Because guess what? I don’t make sense.

Speaking of the whole “I” thing, I’ll get to the most important I in this site! The Shu! I’ve got many alias out there. Saishu Hane, Darrell Byron Enrico Davies (real name, go figure I’d have 4), Domingo Chaves, ect. But for the purposes of simplicity, I’ll just brand myself with a hot poker as Saishu Hane or Shu for short. Let’s move onto the lovely FAQ’s!


What do you review here?
Oh you know. Movies, games, food, smells, other stuff. That’s right. I said food. Wait, you were reacting to smells? Smells are awesome, but sometimes not. Don’t find the not awesome ones.

Will The Shushu Review ever take requests?
Sure. Why not? So long as it doesn’t cause me incredible pain to my wallet or my body. Unless that pain would be funny even by me. Like one time I sprayed Bianca into my eye. Bloody hilarious. Too bad my teacher started crying.

When you review a restaurant, for instance, will they know you’re doing it?
Hell no. That’s awkward. Unless I become super famous or something and then, well, nothing I can do about that.

How often will The Shushu Review be updated?
As often as I can possibly manage. I play games you see, and this usually distracts me from what normal people have termed “sleep”. I thought that was just a sickness that stops me from playing, but I have been advised otherwise.

What do you get out of this?
The dew on the ferns in the morning. The sound of people meeting up and having a good time. The feel of sand under my toes as I frolic. Or a sack heap of nothing. This amuses me and will maybe pay off one day if I’m lucky! Who knows?

Learn About The Shu

Okay, so I’m probably way too into myself. But there really isn’t all that much to pick up about me unless you want the deep…dark…secrets of the abyss. But no. I like trees. If I could live in a tree and have internet, I would. Let’s take a look at my stats!

Age: 26
Birthday: February 24, 1986
Times hit with a baseball: Not sure, but that might be the baseball’s fault.
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada but will always rep Waialua, Hawaii (whoop whoop)
Number of times “Battle” was said: BATTLE!!!

I’m totally curious about people that would read about the things I review and to see if our views match up on the subject, so drop me a line with no hook attached to it at saishuhane@gmail.com !