Can you two noise? If not, start out with a hum. Then without using the throat to make the additional noise, pop in some of those beats to give that hum something you can tap your foot to! No. I’m not counting the foot so you can “three noise”. All in all, beat boxing to yourself can provide hours of entertainment! It does, however, require at least some rhythm. It doesn’t even have to sound good!

Well, if you’re around other people, that certainly helps.

Upbeat, melancholy, uplifting. If you can think it (and it’s not a freaking orchestra) then it’s within your grasp! The challenge of getting a new beat down is certainly fun…even though you may forget said beat 20 minutes later, so keep a recording device on hand at all times. It’ll surely help when later you’re wondering what in the world you were bop’ing to earlier!

Downside to beat boxing is that not everyone is into it. If you’re by yourself, bam, you’ve got no problems. If not, then pray that the people around you won’t rip your head off for doing such things around them. All in all, beat boxing is one of the greater things if you’re into music! Shu gives this a spankin 9.5 explosion rating as I have driven people insane due to my beeping and bop’ing. Also, The Shu is adding a new linkification to a friend! Look? Maybe. No look? Maybe. Coconut? Standing in the road. Silly coconuts.

9.5 out of 10 explosions