Now, I was totally going to do a review on something much more offensive, but alas, I refrain from doing so as I have not experienced it. Only one other person knows what it is, so that’s my excuse. Bam! Black cherry candle. I only snagged it because I happened to have a giftcard to a store and whadayaknow, I burn a candle every now and again. I was going to use the word “tart” to describe the smell, but then I looked up the word and saw a few other definitions that weren’t exactly what I imagined tart to be. But yaknow what? Let’s just say I do use the word tart to describe it.

Totally makes me want a cherry pie. Hell yes. Whipped cream anyone? Yes please, I’ll have some. But I digress. Kinda. I do that yaknow. Black cherry candles don’t exactly have the scent that blows you away, but who will ever be repulsed by the mention of black cherries? Certainly not this particular Shu. Have you ever taken the time to smell a real cherry? I know I have. Because again, I do that. Smelling food before I eat it is one of the many quirks I indulge in where others may find it particularly weird. Enjoy your candles I say! But certainly not too much. They’re not edible you know. The Shu gives black cherry candles a 6.5 explosion rating!!
6.5 Explosions