Music Sampling

I'm in your internets, grabbin bits of your voice

From amateur artists to Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” sampling the greatest music and putting that new perspective on it is one of the things music exploration has given the world. No no, I’m totally not going to be reviewing that Sherlock Holmes movie nor am I going to review a certain addicting tower defense game. Because this one is so much better than both of those things! Or…is it? I’m being sneaky here, indulge me.

As I was saying, what piqued my interest in the matter was not any super well known artist that put out millions of sales and whatnot, but a YouTube video called Alice by the user UnofficialPogoMusic taking bits of the Disney favorite Alice in Wonderland and making it into this incredibly trippy video! Which was later applied to another site called (which has nothing to do with Google) that takes YouTube videos and loops them over and over again in the frame size of your choosing. I’ve tried it with normal songs and it just doesn’t compare to how this song “Alice” came out.

Do I know what in the world she’s saying? Absolutely not. But that’s not the point! It sounds good, makes you feel good, and if you’re drunk or drowsy, it’s one hell of a listen. I’ve put the song on my phone, personally. Not to mention it’s been playing the entire time I’ve been writing this! The Shu gives this a whomping 9.5 explosions out of 10! What’s keeping it from a 10? The fact that the big labels try to shut down the people on the matter. A number of viewers of this were surprised that this particular piece got to stay up (and even placed it on their site apparently!).

***Super Late Edit***
Sooooo yeah, Pogo has his own YouTube page. Should really have looked into that better!

9.5 Explosions