Movie Poster for Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

The Lion of Persia has claws of plastic.

Out of the sands of time, the Shu of Shushu Review raises out of… sand… to review once more! And while I’ve been wading away in some sand, I decided to pop on by and watch as my good ol’ fictional friend Dastan (the prince) got himself out of a pickle the likes of which has been moderately seen before! As a complete disclaimer, I’m giving this review as someone who has never played any of the Prince of Persia games.

That being said, the movie is actually entertaining! Date night material? Maybe so, the movie is filled with corny one-liner exchanges between the two main protagonists. If you’ve a low tolerance for that kind of thing, this movie is not for you unless you’re willing to forgive that on the basis that Disney was the one that made the movie. Which brings me to another thing entirely: violence. A lot of fights are tricky dances that you don’t see people clearly slashed or stabbed. There are some exceptions though and that may prevent you from bring small children. This is most likely what provoked the PG-13 “parents strongly cautioned” rating. Anything risque you ask? Closest you get to that is a teeny out there flirt and a kiss. At one point, totally thought I was going to see some nudity since I forgot it was a Disney film and it’s rating.

A Shu opinion, but I think the Dastan was cast very well.

Had a few problems with the ending and the entire existence of what was causing the disturbance in the first place, but that’s about it. Was it a good movie? Sure! Am I ever going to watch it again? Only if you catch me off guard. I give this movie a freaking 6.5 explosions!!

6.5 Explosions