The Frankenstein of sandwiches

The Frankenstein of sandwiches

My bologna has a first name! It’s n-o-t-i-n! My bologna has a second name it’s my-m-o-u-t-h! No seriously. I don’t want that disgusting type of meat prepared for me anymore. Totally a grown up now and no longer need to bring a lunch to school. Hell, even when there were school lunches, none of them were comprised of bologna. If they did sneak it in there, they were damn tricky about it.

As you can rightly tell, the review tonight is about the horrid bologna sandwich! Sure, it’s fine when you’re starving or when you’re a kid. But I’m sure that at least 90 percent of you reading this are not kids. Also, no. Being a kid at heart does not count. If it did, I’d be made of bologna. No wait. It wasn’t fine then either! Except for that old kid favorite, Lunchables. Those were pretty sweet. Not sure how that’s an exception since you could make them into a sandwich, but it wasn’t revolting.

Bologna sandwiches for me are what veggies are for kids. Only to be consumed in extreme emergency. And lemmie tell ya, if it was the end of the world, I don’t think a bite of bologna is the worst of my problems. Don’t let the bread fool you, under all that wheat is a mistake against…meat-kind!! The Shu gives this a 2 explosion rating!

2 Explosions

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