Don't judge a movie by it's poster

Avatar Movie Poster

The movie is hailed as the most expensive movie ever made. At first, I had my doubts on how good a story it could be when put into the big screen. The trailers shown to me were on a computer and they had put me off on the entire experience. With the service from the staff at the Palms it was incredible. Not only was it in IMAX, but in 3d. Which I had been skeptical about since when I hear 3d, I think crappy Disney movie about spies.

Whoever thought up the concept art for this movie deserves a review of their own. Everything was well detailed and the creatures were stunning. The story and acting was great as well. When there was a certain turmoil (no spoilers, I promise) near the end, I almost teared up. But then I remembered that they’re not real. Against the weaponry of the future, I’d be upset too! The entire world of Pandora was masterfully created.

There is a teeny bit to worry about if you consider taking youngsters to the movie though. The species introduced to you doesn’t exactly wear very much clothing and there are some scenes where it would be considered inappropriate with some upper-half nudity. It’s in a way though like Mystique from X men where if you’re staring that close trying to see something, you’re not looking to be offended. There is a bit of intimacy as well that could have some awkward questions flung at you if you’ve got a curious kid on your hands.

Seeing it in 3D, however, did cause me to become a bit dizzy and miss out on a few scenes of lesser importance as I tried to focus my eyes to become used to the glasses. Totally not the movies fault. However, it felt a bit that the main characters first friend should have gotten more screen time. Honestly my only beef.

At the end of the movie, and I’m not sure if this was everywhere, but they gave us little posters!

What did it come down to in the end for me? The explosions! A movie doesn’t have to have them, but if they have it and it’s done well where it actually makes sense, you got my vote! It’s no coincidence that I give this movie 9.5 out of 10 explosions!

9.5 Explosions out of 10 x 9.5

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