Legion Movie Poster

When the last angel falls, your unhappy trek home begins.

Released fairly recently, my siblings and I go to watch the movie “Legion” in hopes for some epic battle type movie with an awesome story. The entire setting is in the desert at a pit stop to get gas and some bad meals. All manner of strangers gathering together for the oncoming apocalypse that they don’t know is coming…

There is so much wrong with this movie, but the only good thing in my opinion is the actor Paul Bettany who was cast as the character “Michael”. No, it’s not the same lovable Michael you remember in the 1996 movie. This one has guns. The actors aside from Charles Dutton were all trash. The story was trash. The ending was trash. Leaving so many questions that were not answered that you end up believing that they had to be planning a Legion 2, but personally, the only reason I would ever even watch it is to find out the answers to those questions. At the moment, those questions are just nagging away because they are so tight-lipped about it.

If there is no Legion 2, I do and don’t blame them. Because the chance that they’ll be making money off of it is low. If they do, I’ll sit in a seat only so long until they answer my questions. Then I leave. I mean, cmon. They even tell a guy to learn a language developed in Heaven and then don’t explain why. Plus he doesn’t even get into that, because by the time he has any spare time to do so, BAM! The movie is over. Absolutely disappointing! I would much rather play with some rocks while watching paint dry if I could go back in time and take another route. Let this be a warning to you all! The Shu gives this 1 freaking explosion. Shame on you makers of Legion, SHAME!

1 Explosion Rating

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