I’m sure just 3 releases after the start of a site is a bad time to say I went on a vacation, but I did! And guess what, I’m totally going to rate the hell out of that. There are three kinds of vacations as far as I’m concerned: A vacation where you are alone but interact a lot with those that pass on by. One where you have friends or family with you. Or what I did, which was in freaking seclusion. I won’t rate the prior two since that’s not what I did and it would be quite inaccurate as far as the Shu is concerned.

The thing about the seclusion vacation is that you can’t do it for too long, yaknow? So many hours shut in wherever you happen to be can’t be a good thing. But hey, it beats working, right? Eventually you’re struck with the ol’ cabin fever and you go slightly crazy I tell you. You don’t want to get into an argument with yourself and then lose, right? I thought not. Before you know it, you start to wonder where certain phrases came from like “That was easier than a $3 whore!” or “For Pete’s sake!” .

I’m sure Pete is a stand up guy. And who would want to sell themselves for $3? I would at least ask for $100.

But I digress! The whole prospect of a vacation is pretty wonderful and all! Just make sure that the first person you talk to isn’t yourself. Shu gives Seclusion Vacations a 7.5 explosions!!

7.5 Explosions